Daddy don't smoke, it's bad for us

Daddy don't smoke, it's bad for us

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There is nothing harder and more difficult than being a smoker, leaving it for your baby on the way and continuing to live with your partner's tobacco smoke at home and in the car. 'So there is no willpower that is worth it, I get angry and on top of that he tells me that it is the hormones, that they have me upset,' a friend told me. This is the unfair situation that many future moms have experienced when they have been forced to quit smoking because of their pregnancy.

The news of expecting a baby has motivated many women to leave it, but without the help of their partner the uphill becomes even more difficult to climb. And it is not for less, how can you not get angry? After getting up every day thinking that you have to take folic acid in the morning, in the combination of foods you are going to take today so that your baby has all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients, in short, that he needs, in take your iron at noon and take a while to walk in the afternoon, so that later your partner arrives and smokes one or more cigars in the living room, your sanctuary, where you finally find a relaxing moment to enjoy the kicks of your baby. No hormones, no nothing.

The anger at the injustice committed is more than justified. And it is not one day or two, but one after another. So you appeal to his lack of common sense that tobacco is harming you and also indirectly your son as passive smokers, and you tell him that it is fatal to see him smoke now that you have all five of your senses set on quitting and The first few months are tough, as anyone who has ever tried knows.

And it is that despite the existence of numerous anti-smoking campaigns, higher taxes for cigarettes, total bans on tobacco advertising and its sponsorship, laws so that public spaces are smoke-free and campaigns for its prevention in schools, there are still people who continue to smoke and, to top it all, in your own home. Nicotine addiction cannot be stronger than respect for others and safeguarding the health of your family. We all know the damage that smoking does and new studies appear every day that show us the risks of smoking: currently, there are 4 million deaths annually in the world caused by tobacco consumption and this will be the first cause of mortality in the Third World in the next 20 years, ahead of AIDS. Do something for yourself and yours, learn to breathe and live without tobacco. Take advantage of pregnancy to leave it. Now there are three of you.

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