Holidays with babies

Holidays with babies

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The long-awaited holidays arrive and the whole family is preparing to travel to take a few days off. Traveling is already difficult, and if there are children involved, things get more complicated. What destination is the most suitable for traveling with babies? What should I bring in the baby's suitcase? These are some of the many questions parents ask themselves when setting out on their long-awaited vacation. When the companion is a baby, all care is little in terms of safety, health, and care in general.

The best thing to do is to plan your trip in advance and make a list of the essential things to carry in your luggage. Afterwards, it is advisable to visit the pediatrician and ask him about the necessary medications, if the vaccines are up to date, andmake sure the baby is healthy.

Currently, the plane is one of the most requested means of transport in the family trips and one of the safest and most effective. Multiple route and fare options allow you to travel anywhere in a short time and for very little money. By way of general considerations, it is good to know when traveling on the plane with children that airlines consider a baby under two years of age. These small passengers do not have the right to a seat, and must take the place with the father or mother. However, they do pay for travel insurance and must carry their own boarding pass.

Despite having to travel in the same seat as the parents, the baby has a special seat belt adapted to the child's age. Likewise, if the flight is long-haul, it is advisable to request a baby cot from the company, which must be attached to the wall in front of their seats. In addition, it is very important to pay attention to the recommendations of the flight crew. And to avoid pressure on the baby's ears, there is nothing better than breastfeeding the baby or the pacifier.

The train is another of the means of transport chosen by the family to set course for their vacations. It is safe and offers comfort, the only impediment is that it takes much longer than the plane. Sometimes the train ride can be very tiring for the baby. They are many hours and the child gets tired. During the trip, you have to entertain him and give him drinking plenty of fluids to control body temperature. Do not forget to change your baby's diapers.

Likewise, it is essential to carry all the necessary food for the baby in the bag. The baby food is very comfortable and the best alternative when traveling with babies. Also, do not forget about medicines, your favorite toys, something warm, diapers, wipes, etc.

If the family is traveling by car, it is important to entertain the baby when he is awake. Bringing toys, telling stories and singing the child's favorite songs is essential so that he does not get bored. There are some babies who may feel dizzy when riding in a car. Thus, it is advisable to always carry a plastic bag for possible vomiting. Not surprisingly, safety when traveling with children on the road is essential.

The younger a child is, the more damage he can suffer in the event of a possible accident. For this reason, before starting a trip, preventive measures should be taken, such as properly enabling the space for the little ones: the safety seats for babies. Safety is essential on road trips. In the case of babies and children, the fact of not having the necessary safety measures multiplies by five the infant mortality on the road.

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