How to take care of family health in summer

How to take care of family health in summer

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Summer is a great season, but it is not without health threats of children and family. The heat, the sea, the swimming pool, traveling by car ... are just some of the risk factors. Write down the keys to avoid drowning, otitis, digestion cuts and heat stroke, among other possible problems.

Here you have a series of tips that can help you avoid unpleasantness in summer:

- At the pool and the beach: the main risk in beaches and swimming pools is drowning, although prolonged baths also cause otitis in children and swimming pools they are a source of infection mushroom. Respect all safety regulations to avoid drowning and make sure that children wear cuffs, vests or floats in correct condition if they still cannot swim. To avoid otitis, you can use earplugs or dry your ears very well when you get out of the water. Make sure children do not forget to wear suitable footwear in the pool and dry their feet very well (also between the toes). You will avoid fungal infection.

- Beware of heat stroke: Avoid exposing yourself to the sun in the hottest hours (between 12am and 4pm). And watch that your children are hydrated. Feed them more often and opt for a menu with foods that contain more water. If you still have symptoms of heat stroke (dizziness, headache, vomiting ...), go immediately to a hospital. Avoid heat stroke Always wear a hat or protect yourself from the sun under an umbrella.

- Caution when traveling by road: In summer they increase traffic accidents. Children are the most vulnerable. Check that the seat where they travel is adequate and do not exceed the established speed limits. Rest every two hours if the trip is long and have a bucket or bag handy in case the children get dizzy.

- Extreme hygiene with food: There is food more likely to spoil from heat. This is the case with eggs and dairy, but also with meat and fish. Make sure they do not exceed the expiration date and that the refrigerator temperature is adequate. Clean the shell of the egg very well before using it and wash all the utensils with which you cook more frequently.

- Watch out for the sun: Children's skin is very delicate. If you don't want them to burn, never forget the protective cream and give it back after every bath. You can also avoid burns if they wear T-shirts to protect themselves from the sun. And don't forget the sunglasses. The sun's rays are reflected in the water, so you will have to be more careful when you go to the beach and the pool. You will avoid a possible eye injury.

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