My son already knows how to dive head first into the pool

My son already knows how to dive head first into the pool

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It takes courage, perseverance, losing your fear and knowing the technique to jump on your head. My son was so attracted to the idea that he was willing to do exploits to learn, lose his fear and jump into moments of guaranteed fun. This summer I have taught my young son to dive on his head and with it I have relived unforgettable moments at the edge of a swimming pool.

The feet together on the curb, the arms always in front, a little jump before launching and diving in the shape of an arrow. Those are the very simple steps that children must learn before jumping headfirst into the pool. The difficult thing is to gather the necessary courage to jump without putting your feet first, which is not easy, because it is going against everything learned previously, that is, using your feet to achieve body stability and always protect your head.

Diving on your head is a very fun exercise, which requires perseverance to get to do it well, since once you have managed to put your head in front of your body, it is important to position yourself well, avoid opening your legs, not give yourself a blow that, Sometimes, they hurt and dart in the shape of an arrow. My son wanted to take part in some group games such as "Bull Dog" or "Marco Polo", which stimulate the initiative of children to learn to jump on their heads, since that gives the participants an advantage and prevents them from catching you the first time. change and you have to bind her or be the pursuer.

And it is essential that your child wants to learn to jump on his head and he asks you to teach him to achieve success. A child who does not want to learn or has no interest in doing so will never achieve the purpose. On the other hand, with personal motivation it is easier for children to make an effort to lose that natural fear and have no qualms about getting out of the pool again and again and trying a thousand times, if necessary to do it well.

However, just as important as motivation is your safety. Caution is essential when diving headfirst. That is why, at the same time that I was teaching my son to dive headfirst into the water, I kept telling him how necessary it is to always make sure that the bottom of the pool must be deep enough so that we never hit him when we jump . I've also been reminding him the whole time that diving head first avoids dangerous blows to the head, which can cause serious injuries and that the important thing is to have a good time.

Marisol New

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