Dangerous plunges of children into the pool

Dangerous plunges of children into the pool

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I just got back from a mini-vacation and these days my hairs have risen to see children playing and diving into the water in places that are not appropriate for their safety. And is jumping from trees, from rocks on cliffs or in shallow places in the pool can cause dangerous injuries and trauma, especially when they are thrown headfirst.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, it is estimated that bad dives produce between 40 and 100 spinal cord injuries each year. To avoid this, sources from the Ministry of Health appeal to the common sense of bathers, since the best way to avoid these injuries, which, in some cases, can be serious, is to recognize well the draft and depth of the water before throw yourself away.

It is advisable to dive standing several times before doing it head-on, especially in maritime coves and natural freshwater reservoirs, to check the depth of the place where we are going to bathe with the children. The cliffs and also the lakes or the pools of some rivers are especially dangerous since, when they are in mountainous areas, they can present uneven terrain and shallow areas that can damage or injure some parts of the body, especially the head and neck, when we dove at full speed from a certain height.

Parents must take these considerations into account during vacations with our children. Most children do not see the danger, they are not very cautious, and in their desire to have fun they take risks that can harm their health. For this reason, prevent your children from diving headfirst into unfamiliar areas or in shallow waters, check that the area is deep enough to dive and try not to dive in murky waters or with many bathers.

In the pool, warn your children not to dive headfirst into the area where there is little coverage to avoid hitting the ground with their head. Likewise, it is advisable to always throw yourself head first with your hands in front to cushion the impact in the event of a collision and be very careful with mortals, cartwheels and other pirouettes at the edge of the pool, on bridges, cliffs or rocky areas because a fall can cause a serious injury.

In case of an accident, Red Cross recommends immobilizing the neck of the injured person, avoiding moving the spine and advising a professional to accompany the injured person, avoiding private utility vehicles, if transfer to a hospital is necessary. And remember, having fun with responsibility and caution is doubly fun.

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