Heartburn and heartburn during pregnancy

Heartburn and heartburn during pregnancy

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Heartburn and heartburn during pregnancy is a very common sensation in pregnant women. It occurs because the growth of the uterus causes the displacement of the intestine and stomach. This favors that food and gastric juices back up into the esophagus. Gastric acid is irritating and therefore produces that burning and burning sensation in the throat area and towards the sternum.

Heartburn can occur throughout pregnancy, initially because the amount of progesterone present in the body relaxes the gastrointestinal tract and food circulates more slowly through the stomach, producing heavier digestions. At the end of the pregnancy, the size of the uterus presses on the stomach and causes reflux of food.

This heartburn is one of the most frequent discomforts of pregnancy and it becomes quite uncomfortable, but it has a positive point, the baby receives more nutrients since the food is longer in the digestive tract.

Since you have to live with the burns of pregnancy, there are a number of tips you can follow to alleviate symptoms and reduce the sensation of acidity:

-Make five small meals a day: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner

-Chew your food well: do not swallow and try to crush them well before swallowing to avoid heartburn in pregnancy

-Do not drink very fatty foods and those that are excessively spicy or strong

-There are foods that cause heartburn in pregnancy, avoid them: fried, sausages, alcohol, soft drinks, sausages or drinks with caffeine. If you notice that in your diet some food causes you to digest heavier, try to reduce its consumption.

- Being overweight during pregnancy favors the reflux of gastric juices so you have to try to have a normal weight gain.

-Try move after meals or at least stay upright, do not lie down for a nap or go to bed at night immediately after eating as it will promote heartburn during pregnancy.

-It is convenient to use a pillow to sleep and thus incorporate the body a little avoiding being in a completely horizontal position.

-During pregnancy it is recommended to drink two liters of water a day, however, try to do it between meals. Don't drink excessive fluids during meals.

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