10 phrases that children often say to parents

10 phrases that children often say to parents

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Parents can tell battles of our children for days and days without stopping and it is that children usually give us great moments. They have occurrences and ideas that without thinking come out of their lips and make us laugh with laughter. They are those phrases that are told in meetings because they are funny to everyone.

Each child has their own quirks and sayings, but almost all children have something in common: typical children's phrases. They can be said in different languages, by children of different races but, of different cultures, but in the end most of them are united by the same pattern, that is, they are children and they speak and act like children.

These phrases were already said by me as a child, also by my friends, today my children, my nephews, the children of my friends say them and it is possible that in the future my grandchildren will say them.

1 - It was not me: It is never them, they may already have a ball in their hand and a broken vase at their feet, but trying to escape from punishment is part of the child's learning.

2- I don't want to go to schoolSome do not even stay in the simple phrase, but try to devise escape methods such as that their gut hurts or they have dizziness.

3- I do not like vegetables: This phrase pits adults and children at mealtime all over the world. We adults know that it is essential that they eat vegetables for their correct growth and they are stirred when they see so much 'green' on the plate.

4- I'm hungry: There are children who can repeat this phrase dozens of times a day. And not in all cases they are overweight children, there are children who waste so much energy that they need to constantly 'recharge their batteries'.

5- I am bored: Even if they have a room full of toys, there is always room for this phrase.

6- Why?: everything in sight is likely to generate a question, however logical and absurd it may be. - Mom, why do you hit the elevator button? - To go home ...

7- ¿How much left?: you just put the key in the car ignition and then it happens, a little voice comes from the back seats saying the dreaded phrase.

8 - So, what do you know?: When they are older, they tend to think that parents have no idea about anything. Of course, we were born as parents, we skipped childhood, adolescence, youth and reached this point by infused science and without learning anything.

9- Want: whatever, a tip, sweets, going to the movies, a truck with wings ... The question is to ask.

10- I do not want to: they use it as much as the previous one, it does not matter what, when, how or why. The important thing is to refuse and thus gain ground and assert yourself ... or simply get angry for a little while.

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