10 invitations for baby's Baby Shower

10 invitations for baby's Baby Shower

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Reminders for the pregnant party


In the celebration of a Baby Shower you cannot miss the invitations. If your baby is a boy, we offer you this original image with a bunny and baby clothes to make a personalized invitation to friends and family.

If there is a universal symbol of birth, it is the stork. There is no better decoration than this reason for an invitation to your daughter's Baby Shower party. Print it now and put your personalized message.

What would a child be without his pacifier? It is one of the best-known symbols related to babies, so we recommend it to decorate the invitations to your Baby Shower party. If you are having a baby, print it now!

You are pregnant with twins! Double the joy ... and double the gifts! Organize a baby shower to welcome your twins or twins with this original invitation that you can print. They are valid for girls as well as for boys!

Your baby is a girl, and you want to tell everyone about it! Get down to work and organize a very special baby shower to welcome your baby. To start the party you only need to print these beautiful invitations for girls.

Hold a Baby Shower to celebrate the birth of your child with your family and friends. This typical American party honors pregnant women, so if you are expecting a child it is time to print this tender and simple invitation for your party.

For girls born in spring, this is the ideal invitation for a Baby Shower. Baby Shower parties are held to congratulate the pregnant woman and the future father, as well as to give them gifts for the baby. Organize your daughter a baby shower with these invitations.

Are you a modern and trendy pregnant woman? Join the fashion of the baby shower parties that are celebrated for the future mother and the baby. Whether it is a boy or a girl, we propose you this original invitation for your party, simple and daring, that you can print and write by hand.

The parties for the baby, called baby showers, collect all the tenderness and happiness that we feel during pregnancy. Share these feelings by celebrating a very special party, and send these simple and tender invitations to your guests with the image of some cute bears.

Are you organizing a Baby Shower for your baby and you have not yet chosen an invitation? We propose you this beautiful design with a giraffe, with a cute and fun drawing. Print the invitations for your son or daughter's party now and write a personalized message for your family and friends.