My baby has turned yellow!

My baby has turned yellow!

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Shortly after birth, my daughter took on a worrying and strange yellowish color in both her skin and the whites of her eyes, this is what is called physiological jaundice and it is usually a benign condition. This was the explanation they gave me when my little girl was born, but there are also other causes that can cause it, such as heredity or breast milk.

The early and very striking cases are usually due to the mother having a different blood group than the baby. In this case, the mother produces antibodies (defenses) directed against the baby's red blood cells. These defenses destroy your red blood cells and determine the release of bilirubin. Liver diseases (more or less severe) are capable of producing early jaundice (first 24 hours) or prolonged (more than 2 weeks).

Jaundice affects approximately 0.5 to 2.4 percent of all newborns and occurs equally in boys and girls, and although it is not a serious condition, jaundice should be treated when bilirubin levels are greater than 20 mg / dl. The treatment is carried out by phototherapy (with infrared) or by temporarily interrupting the feeding of breast milk.

It depends on the cause of these high levels of bilirubin in children but, of course, it is very hard to be told as soon as your little one is born, that he may have to stay a few more days in the hospital to receive phototherapy treatment, or that you should interrupt breastfeeding for 24 or 48 hours, now precisely the first affective bonds are beginning and it is the most important moment for the successful establishment of breastfeeding. If the latter is the recommended treatment, we can express the milk with a breast pump so as not to interrupt production, while our little one is fed formula.

In the case of my daughter, the neonatologist finally discharged her with mine, so we could go home together, but he advised me to give her a lot of sunlight, although not directly. I was obsessed with bringing him to light, but a long rainy season defeated my purpose and the saffron color of his skin lasted until he was one month old. In most cases, jaundice cannot be prevented, but it can be easily fought to ensure that there are no future liver and red blood cell problems (hemolytic anemia).

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