Aerophagia. Childhood disease

Aerophagia. Childhood disease

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Aerophagia is the intake of air during a meal that causes belching, gas, and abdominal pain. Children who suffer from these complaints may burp frequently and complain of pain in the belly and even in the thoracic area.

Typical of babies who eat with cravings or the infant's colic as a result of crying. In older childrenIt is also related to the consumption of gum, soft drinks and foods rich in fiber.

This accumulation of gases in the stomach and intestines can also be caused by bad habits at the table, eating too fast or talking while chewing.

It is common for the abdomen to appear swollen and for the child to feel "bloated" and uncomfortable. Many foods, such as legumes and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower cause these gases to appear.

To help them eliminate the ingested air, it is useful to gently pat them on the back and, in case of crying due to abdominal pain, massage the belly while keeping them in a sitting position.There is medication that reduces the production of gases by bacteria at the intestinal level but its efficacy in children is doubtful.

The most effective treatment would be to prevent air intake through good feeding technique (no more than 10 minutes on each breast, positioning the baby vertically while feeding slightly tilted back and to the left, expulsion correct burping, etc.

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