Baby massages. Videos to learn how to do them step by step

Baby massages. Videos to learn how to do them step by step

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Babies massage is very beneficial. You can start to massage the baby from the first month of life. In addition to the therapeutic benefits it will have for the baby, it helps to strengthen emotional ties with the parents, provides a form of emotional and physical contact and communication between the two. The experience is very rewarding for both of you; You will see how the baby will respond positively and will be much happier.

These videos have been recorded with an expert physiotherapist who works with pregnant women and children. He explains in a simple way how to do the massages, step by step, so that all parents can practice them with their babies.

In Guiainfantil We have selected these three videos of therapeutic massages with babies so that you can learn how to do them and can put it into practice with your children.

How to relieve baby colic. We teach you how to do a massage to relieve colic in a nursing baby. Attentive to the advice of Elena Neila, Physiotherapist specialized in babies and pregnancy. In this video, she teaches us in detail about what to use, where and how to do a massage to relieve the baby's gas.

Relaxing massage for the baby. Use massage to relax the baby. A massage is beneficial for the baby, so that he can fall asleep more easily. Both parents and baby must be relaxed to enjoy this massage calmly. Video tutorial explains step by step how to massage babies, step by step.

Stimulating massage for the baby. Children's massage to stimulate your senses. We teach you to massage your baby to gently stimulate him and strengthen the bond with his parents. The physiotherapist Elena Neila tells us what movements we have to do in babies to stimulate them.

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Video: Baby Massage Techniques With Sharon Marshall and Lou Toosey. This Morning (September 2022).


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