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The memories of the holidays are being left behind and now the moment demands a new challenge for the family: entering or returning to school, school or nursery.

All this means more discipline, meeting schedules, buying clothes or uniforms, books, and an infinity of commitments that require an effort for both children and parents. For many of them, entering school or returning to the classroom represents too radical a change.

Year after year, the situation repeats itself and requires a considerable effort to readjust it. Adaptation or re-adaptation is a process, which usually lasts about a week, provided that the school and family environment is appropriate. Everything will depend on the attitude of educators and parents.

Both parties will need to be prepared to give children a positive impression of what going to or going back to school means, and to support them in the transition from vacation to school. To face this task, this material will help many families to recharge their batteries and regain their enthusiasm for the start of a new school year. In the end, everything is overcome, fixed and controlled, with a dose of patience and understanding.

Holidays allow children to be more relaxed, without rushing to bed or getting up early. That's why, when the alarm goes off again, everything changes. Apart from the schedules, the child will surely face other changes as well: new teachers, new subjects, new group of classmates and, some, new school.

In any case, the parents' mood must be essentially positive for their child, especially because going back to school means returning to obligations: you have to study and do homework. These changes cause some alterations in the mood of the children and, although at the beginning, going back to school will be a great effort, as the days go by it will become more lively.

But, speaking of changes, the most important will be the one experienced by children who will go to school or nursery school for the first time this year. They will go from being at home to sharing the school environment with other children and to being under the responsibility of other people and subject to other rules.

When the child goes to kindergarten or school for the first time, normally, an adaptation schedule is applied so that, little by little, they get used to the new reality. Everything will depend on the availability of time that the parents have and the rules of the school. Although some parents prefer to leave the child fulfilling his full schedule in the nursery from his first day, others consider it beneficial that he has a few days to extend this schedule, one more hour each day for example, to adapt to the new reality.

Both for entering and returning to school or college, it is essential that the child has the support and encouragement of their parents. It is necessary that the family environment is favorable at home so that the child feels more secure and supported to adapt to his new rhythm of life.

For this reason, parents must talk to our children about the new situation, convey confidence. It is necessary to highlight the positive changes to them and participate with them throughout the process. You can help him in this way:

1. Line the books with it and identify them with their name.

2. Help your child to choose the school supplies he wants to use such as pencils, notebooks or clothes (in case he is not wearing a uniform). It is important that the child participates with his opinion in the purchases.

3. Let your child choose his book bag and pencil case.

4. Help your child to adjust to the school schedule a couple of weeks before the start of classes.

5. Be patient, especially during the first week.

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