Thumbelina. Classic stories for children

Thumbelina. Classic stories for children

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If there is a children's story of the brothers grimm that encompasses the values ​​of cunning and intelligence that is Thumbelina's. This children's fable tells the story of a thumb-sized child who comes into the world as the wish of a desperate parent not being able to have children.

In Guiainfantil we encourage you to teach your child Thumbelina's values reading this fantastic story that you will love while feeding your taste for reading.

Once there was a very poor peasant who stood in front of the fire while his wife was spinning. They both felt sorry for not having children, since the silence that was around them saddened them.

The woman said that would settle even for a small son, that was no bigger than a thumb. Days later the woman fell ill, and after seven months gave birth to a child as small as a thumb.

The marriage, happy, thought of calling the boy Thumbelina. No matter how much he ate and passed the time, the child did not grow at all, but on the contrary he was a smart and very clever child who managed to do everything he set out to do.

One day the father went to the forest to cut firewood, and he thought he needed someone to take the car for him. Thumbelina offered to do it. The father laughed because he was too small to carry the horse's bridle.

Thumbelina approached the horse's ear and he was telling him where he had to go. After a while they met two strangers who were surprised to see the horse move without anyone to guide it. They decided to follow the car until it reached the place where the father was.

When they saw Thumbelina they thought they could get a lot of money for teaching him. They approached the father and told him they were buying it for him. The father refused, but Thumbelina told him to sell it and that he would already know how to return.

Along the way Thumbelina hid in a burrow so that men could not catch him. In the end they gave up and left. On his return home he found a conch shell where he decided to stay to sleep. After a while two men passed by considering the possibility of stealing his gold and silver from the priest. Thumbelina offered to help them.

Upon arrival, Thumbelina entered the house and he started screaming asking what did they want me to get out of them. In the end the cook woke up and the robbers fled. Thumbelina hid and in the end the woman thought she had dreamed it.

Thumbelina decided to sleep on the straw, but the next day the cook went to feed the cows and Thumbelina ended up in the stomach of one of them. Seeing himself in this position, Thumbelina began to ask for help, and the woman thought that the cow was speaking. The priest came and ordered the cow to be killed because he believed it was the devil's work.

Thumbelina that was still in the cow's stomach was swallowed again, but this time by a wolf. Thumbelina offered the wolf to tell him where he could find good food in exchange for freedom. The wolf listened to him and had a good feast. By wanting to go out he had gotten so fat that he could no longer go through the door. Then Thumbelina started screaming until he woke up the parents.

The parents killed the wolf and took out Thumbelina, with which again the whole family was together again.


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