What if moms acted like the kids at the table?

What if moms acted like the kids at the table?

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Learning to eat encompasses many concepts: knowing the different food groups, knowing how to eat a balanced diet, maintaining composure at the table, using cutlery correctly or maintaining educational standards. There are many things and it is not always easy to teach all this to children. And it is common in many houses that they take food out of their mouths, that they show what they are chewing or that they eat with their hands.

But what if mothers acted like the children at the table? This question that three mothers have asked themselves in the short 'If moms ate like their kids'.

In a humorous way, these three mothers do all the filthy and mess imaginable that children do: slurping the soup, sucking on a cookie, talking with their mouths full, spitting out what they don't like, throwing food, throwing food off the plate ...

The short has been shot in English, but you don't have to know the language to smile at how these three comedians put the worst gestures of children at the table in humor.

Perhaps teaching this video to our children will not only make them laugh too, but also make them realize the effect of bad table manners.

Parents get in a bad mood when children misbehave at the table, but, How can we teach them good standards of conduct?

- Start very young, even babies. We have to instill in them that bottle time is mealtime and during that time, no games are played.

- Turn off the television, stop games or other activities. At the table you eat.

- We cannot scold the child by simply telling him to behave, we have to explain what it means to behave well. We have to explain to them what we expect of them, what is well done and what is a mistake: kicking the brother, taking food out of his mouth, eating with his feet on the chair ...

- Put a set time to eat.

- Teach them to use cutlery and to have a good posture at the table.

- Reward them when they do well, making a family outing to eat out.

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