Tricks for storytelling parents

Tricks for storytelling parents

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All of us who have ever had to play storytelling or many times have wondered. How to be a good mom or dad 'storyteller' and not die trying? It is not necessary to have great talent as an actor or talents as a narrator or radio announcer, basically you have to put enthusiasm in the endeavor as the main ingredient and have the desire to transmit the magic and fantasy content that the stories communicate.

Everyone, absolutely all fathers and mothers sometimes, or many times!, Become storytellers. Is there a secret formula to being a good storyteller? These are the basic tricks you must follow to be a good storyteller for children.

1. Choose very well what we are going to read. The fundamental ingredient is what is going to be read to the child, the book, the story in his magazine ... It must be chosen according to the child's tastes. The best thing is that he chooses it, even if he always asks for the same (something he finds in that story that comforts him, even though he cannot explain it to him or explain it to us). If the child does not opt ​​for one or more types of stories, it is best to offer him a good variety so that he can outline his tastes. In this case, a subscription to a good children's magazine can be a success: the magazine arrives at home every month, in your name, something that makes you very excited) and offers you a very wide range of possibilities every month in the same issue and, of course, from month to month. It is also a good idea to go regularly to the school or neighborhood library or bookstore and browse as you like and seek advice.

2. Interpretation is the key to success. The text, as in any play, is the basis, but the performance can be the key to the success or failure of the play. When the father or mother read or tell a story, they have to put the voice, the modulations, the tone changes, they have to put the gestures, the hands, the legs, the feet… they have to put the heart! Before their son or daughter, the father or the mother become magicians capable of fascinating them. It is already a lot for them that mom or dad dedicates that time exclusively to them. But, in addition, he loves that, for a few minutes, they lose their role of responsible and sensible father or mother and become a comedic or dramatic actor. If you put in the effort, success is assured.

3. Find the right time. It's not always the one that suits mom or dad. Sometimes the child is tired or nervous, and needs to relax in another way, playing and running in the park.

There will be a time when he asks us to tell him the same old story again! or a new one. The end of the day, just before going to sleep, is a magical moment: the child prepares to fall asleep, we can lower the light level a little and enjoy our interpretation as much as he does.

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