Diseases of Babies in Nursery Schools

Diseases of Babies in Nursery Schools

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One of the biggest fears and concerns when parents have to take their child to daycare is whether the child will get sick or suffer more colds and colds from sharing the day to day with other babies. In GuiaInfantil we reveal if it really is a myth, or is it true. Is it true that children get much sicker when they go to daycare?

It is totally true that children who attend kindergarten suffer more illnesses during that period of time than those who do not attend.

This has a very logical explanation. Nurseries are centers where a large number of children are together for many hours. In addition, they share toys and games throughout the day. With what the probability of contagion of any disease will be higher than that of any child who is not in contact with so many children and during the same time. And even though day care centers have their rules to prevent children with contagious diseases from attending. The incubation process of the disease could begin before signs are seen.

But, then, how can contagion affect my child? From our birth, our body must adapt to the environment that surrounds us, be it language, climate ... In the same way we have to, to the dangers that we have around us. In order to protect ourselves from these dangers, the body creates a immune system, which will be in charge of fighting external agents that enter our body.

We must say that not all children suffer from illnesses the same. The fact that the child goes to daycare does not mean that he will surely get sicker. What there is is more possibilities.

Even if the child gets sicker when he goes to daycare, this will not be a problem for the child in the long run. What it will do is make your immune system develop more strongly. Which will accompany us the rest of our lives. The body will have more samples and will devise the best way to combat them in the future.

Something that they almost never tell us. It is that children who have attended kindergarten, when they enter school, they get much less and they suffer less illnesses during the first years of school.

Obviously, the diseases that are most frequently registered in daycare centers are the most common and most contagious. How are the colds, flu, diarrhea, conjunctivitis ...

In some cases, a serious illness has been spread from daycare. Although they are scarce, and their index is not higher, than in sites with the same concentration. In addition, more and more controls to which nurseries are subject to get the best atmosphere for children. A couple of years ago, nurseries were forced to open, have an air renewal and cleaning system. In order to have a much more hygienic environment.

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