Advantages and disadvantages of boarding schools for children

Advantages and disadvantages of boarding schools for children

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One of the fundamental concerns of any family is the education of children. We carefully choose the children's school to ensure that they receive the best training and in the best environment. The option of a boarding school It is one of many that there are for our children to study. We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of boarding schools for children.

Boarding schools are private schools where children study and live. In some cases the child is only hospitalized during the week and can go on weekends to spend them with the family, but most of the time the child stays at school throughout the school period.

- Excellent training: The main advantage of boarding schools is quality of training. Supposedly, boarding schools offer better academic preparation, thus facilitating their professional future.

- Living with other children: But sending the child to study at a boarding school offers many other advantages such as living with children of their age, the autonomy that develops by not being dependent on parents and the discipline of study that these types of schools require.

- They value effort more: In addition, the amount of extracurricular activities and being in contact with the teaching staff at all times, makes the child get used to valuing effort and developing their physical and intellectual capacities to the maximum.

- Price: Logically, not all are advantages in boarding schools. His high price means that for the vast majority of families they are not even an option when looking for a college, but money is not the main disadvantage.

- They are far from the family: The child who is educated in a boarding school is almost guaranteed an excellent academic formation, but it must not be forgotten that he lives most of the year outside the family environment. That can cause a strong uprooting and emotional problems thinking that he is not a loved child.

- They do not serve as punishment: Nor are there any advantages in using boarding schools as punishment method for troubled kids. It has been proven that a child with behavior problems does not improve upon entering a boarding school, quite the opposite. We must not forget that children need a good education, the best we can give them, but our role as parents is also to give them all the love. The debate moves to the need to be in daily contact with the child living day to day with him or send him to boarding school in the hope that he will have a better future.

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