How to help and teach children to share

How to help and teach children to share

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Children are not selfish by nature. Selfishness is also learned. How to teach children to do what many of us have not yet learned? Sharing is one of the most difficult social skills to teach children. It takes time and practice. Babies demonstrate social skills from the day they are born.

By listening to their mother's voice, by turning their heads to follow her, babies are establishing a social bond with their environment. Later, when they begin to play with their peers, they will be developing social skills that will be positive or not depending on the relationships they have with their parents, family members, caregivers and teachers.

Children with positive social skills are more likely to succeed in school and in life as well. This is why it's so important to list these positive social skills:

- Play well with others

- Feel comfortable in your environment

- Share, collaborate and cooperate

- Respect your turn in activities

- Identify and express their feelings

- Cares with others

One of the most difficult skills to teach is sharing. Although they can learn to share from a very young age, most children will only be ready to share toys and other materials after the age of four or five. Before that they may not be ready to share.

1- Playgroups and meetings to play with friends are popular ways used by families so that children have the opportunity to be in the company of other children of the same age;

2- You cannot force a child to share. The child has to be prepared. And for that it must be encouraged by its parents, families, and educators. The best way to educate children to share is by example. Let your child see you share regularly.

3- The use of words that stimulate and motivate children to share is also important. When the child lets another child touch his toys, compliment him by saying that he is very good, has a good heart, and knows how to be a friend.

4- Take advantage of situations that require sharing to teach your child to do it. For example: If you have a piece of cake at home, teach them that they should share it with everyone. Ask your child to do it. He will feel part of your good attitude. If another child visits your home, ask your child to share his room, toys, a game, or books with the child.

5- Encourage group play with your child. In addition to sharing, he will also learn to collaborate, express himself, and other social skills.

6- Do not compare your child with other children. Not all children develop at the same rate. Social skills last a lifetime and grow as we grow ourselves.

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