How to choose your baby's bottle

How to choose your baby's bottle

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When the baby is born, many thoughts of parents are about feeding the new member of the family. Although the best diet whenever possible is breastfeeding, some women are forced or choose to feed their child with feeding bottle. But how can we choose the best bottle for the baby?

The bottle is used to feed the baby with Formula milk (or breast milk previously expressed with a breast pump), and to be successful with the one we choose for our child, it is necessary that it meets certain requirements. Some aspects must be taken into account when choosing the bottle in question, although many babies reject some according to the nipple because they are not the ones that best adapt to their mouth.

It may also happen that if there has been previous breastfeeding, the baby rejects during the first feedings the feeding bottle, but when we find the one that best suits it, the process will be easier.

In general, it is necessary to choose a bottle that is functional so that it is not too complicated to wash it, and also that it is easy to sterilize. Also, try different models or teats it will help us to know exactly what our baby is demanding.

Plastic baby bottle: The bottles with unbreakable plastic are very practical when babies can already hold them by themselves and drink them themselves, either their own milk, or water when we are out for a walk.

Glass baby bottle: Although it is more delicate and above all it weighs more, it is quite good for babies especially the first months when they are feeding with it. On the other hand, it is much easier to clean and sterilize.

- Baby bottle with rubber nipple: This type of nipple can be chosen when the child already has teeth, because it is much stronger than silicone ones.

- Baby bottle with silicone nipple: Silicone nipples for bottles are the most classic, and also the safest so that the baby feels comfortable from the beginning. They cannot be used forever, since when they start to get a little hackneyed they can be annoying for the child's gums.

- Anti-reflux baby bottle: Although there are opposite sides that criticize this model, for some experts it is the ideal option to prevent reflux in babies from birth to the first twelve months of life. Its peculiarity is that it has an angle with an inclination of 30º that prevents this from happening and also helps parents.

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