Healthy habits in the pregnant woman's diet

Healthy habits in the pregnant woman's diet

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Getting fat during pregnancy is inevitable. Experts Recommend Winning between 9 and 15 kilos if you had a normal weight before pregnancy. However, it is easy to overweight. Many women take advantage of this moment to eat more than necessary and use the false myth that you have to eat for two to raid the fridge and snack on everything at all times.

However, in We give you some very simple tips that you can follow to have healthy habits during pregnancy and to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Throughout the entire pregnancy it is It is not recommended to eat in a large way as to make a diet to avoid gaining weight. The fundamental thing is to know how to eat and acquire some eating habits, introducing all those into the diet nutritious food needed for the proper development of the baby and replace the less recommended products with those that are healthier. Some tricks to carry out healthy habits in your diet during pregnancy:

- The pregnant woman has to have a good breakfast. If before pregnancy you did not have breakfast or only had a coffee, it is time to change this routine. Introduce dairy, fruit and cereals into your diet every day.

- If you feel hungry in the middle of the morning, take one or more pieces of fruit and yogurts.

- Choose foods with nutrients for your meals and dinners. Proteins (meat, fish, legumes, eggs), healthy fats (nuts, olive oil, omega3 fatty acids), folates (orange juice, spinach, lentils) and fiber (cereals, fruits and vegetables) must constitute a base in your diet and make a habit in your diet during pregnancy.

- Make a snack every day, you can have a yogurt, banana, whole grain crackers, apple or low-fat cheese.

- Drink plenty of water throughout the day, at least 2 liters, although you can replace them with juices if you want to vary.

Some foods do not provide you with any nutrients or only carry excess fat so you can substitute them with other types of products. Adopting these healthy habits will help you not gain excess weight during pregnancy:

- You can take skimmed or semi-skimmed milk instead of whole.

- When you make the purchase choose lean meats instead of the fattest ones.

- Do not buy prepared desserts and eat those that are homemade to know what they have and in what proportion.

- Instead of drinking carbohydrate drinks, drink juicesSince during pregnancy you could suffer from excess gas and these sodas will not help you.

- Do not take industrial pastries or snacks To snack between meals, it is preferable and healthier to take fruit or some dairy.

Also, avoid eating undercooked or raw foods, especially if you have tested negative for toxoplasmosis. Do not eat vegetables and greens that are not well washed and avoid an excess of caffeine in your pregnant diet. Following all of these healthy eating habits during pregnancy will be beneficial to you and will create a routine that you can continue when the baby is born.

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