Pregnant: how to choose nursery or nursery school for baby

Pregnant: how to choose nursery or nursery school for baby

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The time has come to find a good place to leave the baby after maternity leave. Pregnancy is the best time to choose nursery or nursery school for your baby.

Before maternity leave runs out and we have to go back to work, while you are pregnant: how to choose nursery or nursery school for the baby. We must visit several centers to be clear about where we will leave the baby during his parents' absence from work.

It is also possible that our child is already over a year old and needs to interact and play with other children his age. There are many reasons why parents look for a nursery for their children and doing it during pregnancy and with discretion can be very beneficial, since we have more time available and it is easier than going with the newborn baby to several centers to visit them.

The most common question of parents is: in which nursery do we leave it? We are going to leave our most loved one, so helpless in the hands of someone we probably do not know, as well as being sure that we leave our child in good hands, we are going to see some points that can help us decide between one nursery and another.

1. Transparency. One of the most important points when choosing a nursery is that it is as transparent as possible. It is logical that in a nursery, they do not let you visit all the facilities during the children's activities, which can limit you from seeing it in full swing. You should know if the parents who are taking the children to that nursery can enter at any time, which shows that if they limit visits it is because they do not distract the children in the activities.

Today, tele-surveillance services have spread to a large number of nurseries. It is another sign that they do not care that you see what is happening at any moment.

There are nurseries where they prefer that you wait at the door until they take out the fully groomed child. This prevents us from seeing the situation of the nursery from the inside. Other nurseries, on the other hand, allow us to go to the door of our child's classroom, seeing the nursery and our child's class, every day inside.

Ask if they have limited pick-up times for children and what the reasons are.

2. Hygiene.When you make the visit, pay attention to the hygiene of the facilities, in general. In particular, the class of cribs (from 0 to 1 year) is very important, where children will spend more time on the floor and on the mat, in addition to sucking on everything.

8 babies are allowed in the crib classes by law. We must look at the number of cribs they have and whether each one has their own, as well as the change of sheets.

3. The deal.It is more difficult to know how the children are treated with a visit, the best way to know it is by the references of parents of children who have gone to daycare.

4. The facilities. We must look at the state of the material, the toys, the furniture. How long has it been since they have renewed, if they do it periodically, if they allocate time every year for improvements.

The facilities must be designed and created for children from 0 to 3 years old, protectors, soft floors, toys that must be based on the ages. Heating and ventilation systems. A large number of very strong odors coexist in nurseries, so the nursery ventilation systems are essential.

5. The method. The educational method used is very important, we must know what it is or if they have their own method. They must tell us what the objectives to be met will be, as well as the schedules and routines of children their age.

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