What is echo Doppler and what is it for in pregnancy

What is echo Doppler and what is it for in pregnancy

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Ultrasound is undoubtedly one of the most important tests carried out during pregnancy to check the correct course of pregnancy and the well-being of the baby. With it we date the gestation in case there are doubts, we observe the good development of the baby's structures or we check its growth in weight and head circumference. All of this is necessary to monitor the pregnancy.

But there are different types of ultrasounds. Some of them are special, and are only carried out under certain circumstances. For example, doppler echo.

There is a special type of ultrasound called Doppler. Like the ultrasound in a normal ultrasound, with its rebound on the structures to be reviewed, it returns an image, in the case of Doppler these waves will measure the direction and speed of the blood flow to be observed.

This is very useful in pregnancy, depending on the vessels that we study, we can detect problems in the fetus or carry out their monitoring. For example, one of the most frequently studied vessels are the umbilical arteries, the middle cerebral artery, the ductus venosus or the umbilical vein. From them, a series of parameters are obtained that will help us determine the baby's commitment.

Normally when measuring, try to take 3 similar flow waves, and it is done in duplicate for more safety.

Such measurements are especially important in the case of women with high-risk pregnancies due to pre-eclampsia (a pregnancy pathology that occurs after week 20 and that involves hypertension and excessive loss of protein in the urine) and delayed intrauterine growth . In fact, in most cases both pathologies go hand in hand and the Doppler helps us to such an extent to know in what state of commitment the baby is, that its alteration can determine the immediate termination of pregnancy.

But if you have doubts about it, consult your obstetrician or your midwife, they will be able to inform you of what you need.

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