Homemade tricks to calm a children's night cough

Homemade tricks to calm a children's night cough

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It is mathematical: when a child is cold, the moment of the cough more repeated comes at night. When a child is sick, the cough is very unpleasant and that prevents him from sleeping peacefully. Therefore, it is convenient to know certain home tricks to know how to calm a child when he coughs a lot at night without using medication.

1. Eucalyptus plasters on the chest:In order for a child to spend a night without coughing when he is in a period of cold, it is in his best interest to open his respiratory tract. This can be achieved thanks to eucalyptus plasters, which have medicinal properties and are given on the child's chest. In the form of a cream or essential oil, this paste in question will help you breathe much more normally. It should be applied when the child is already lying in bed just before sleeping, with a gentle massage under the neck and on the chest, in order to clear the airways. This is an effective way to stop coughing constantly at night.

2. Chopped onion on a plate:Another homemade trick so that children can breathe at night without waking up from a cough, is to put chopped onion on a plate next to the bed. This process is very simple, it is simply about cut the onion in very small portions, and not put too much very close to the bed, but on a table at some distance. The child will breathe in the strong smell of food and his airways will open as occurs with eucalyptus plasters, ceasing to cough at night.

3. Lemon juice with salt:Although it may be a bit unpleasant for the child, the cleansing properties of lemon they can help you fight the cold that is causing your cough during the day and at night. Drink lemon juice, which also has antibacterial properties, seasoned with a pinch of salt, can help reduce coughing with this home remedy. Gargling with it also helps to clear the throat when it is damaged from coughing.

4. Milk with honey:When we feel bad at a given moment, especially in what concerns a sore throat, it is quite normal that we have it irritated. This also happens when children cough throughout the day and this becomes even more acute at night. To alleviate Sore throat and incidentally not cough so much, it is necessary to drink a glass of hot milk with a drizzle of honey. It clears your throat and calms you down, and in fact it can be even more effective than a cough suppressant.

5. Hot baths:One of the most classic home remedies to end a cough is to take a bath at a temperature slightly higher than normal. It is that the water vapors can contribute to the clearing of our child's airways and thus have a much more pleasant night without continuous episodes of coughing when he goes to get into bed.

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