Television does not educate babies

Television does not educate babies

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Many times we are surprised with the amount of things that parents do with our children, without first thinking about it. Placing a baby under 24 months in front of a television is one of these attitudes that some of us take, thinking only of stimulating the baby. Well no, TV does not generate any cognitive benefit in these very small beings.

This has been the result of a study carried out by professionals of the Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, about 872 children from the Viva project, who were followed from birth to 3 years of age.

The study reveals that watching TV before the age of 2 does not contribute to improving the development of language or motor and visual skills of children. It also doesn't help improve your IQ.

Aside from finding no evidence that watching television programs is beneficial for the baby's brain development, the researchers also found that watch TV at such an early age it can lead a child to have problems such as obesity, disturbed sleep habits, or attention problems.

They suggest to mothers that the physical and emotional contact that they establish with their babies exert more and better influence on their cognitive development. They also consider that the child's family environment exerts great dominance in the development of their abilities.

At such an early age, television does not educate. What educates is the attention, care, attitudes, characteristics and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat parents transmit to their babies. Before 2 years of age, the baby already has a lot to learn: to walk, to eat, to sleep, to establish emotional ties with his parents, to play, ... Why put him in front of the TV?

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