How to reach the hearts of children

How to reach the hearts of children

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Some of these hot summer nights, when the children go to bed later as a vacation privilege, my husband sits with them on the front steps and, in the light of the stars, tells them stories of all kinds.

Sometimes they are stories, sometimes they are arguments from classic books, sometimes they are even simple lessons in nature. But my children always listen spellbound, as much as when I put them on television to watch their favorite movie!

Apart from the fact that, of course, my children love being with their father, I think there is an essential component in these special moments: the stage. I will explain myself: during the course, they never go to bed late or go outside the house at night (except for exceptional occasions), so being outside for a while in the silence of the summer night is like being in a Roman amphitheater, enjoying the most special show.

I tell this because I believe that, although it is true that 'for those who want something, something costs' sometimes we renounce common sense and easily accept that the cost of what we want is always money.

And if it is true that money does not buy happiness, in the case of children I am convinced that it does not buy almost anything; because they are not aware of their value (I speak of the little ones under 8 years old). For this reason, although we strive to ensure that they have the best training by taking them to specialized schools, or to extracurricular activities, or we hire private teachers, we do not always get from them the interest that they require to take advantage of what we offer them.

However, a special occasion, such as putting them behind the puppet theater instead of in front and they are the ones who create the story, or giving them cleaning or garden utensils to help us, or giving them some coins so that they are the ones who They buy bread, or spend a few minutes at night on the stairs, manages to open their eyes, their hearts and their minds so that they learn without effort things that not even the highest paid specialist can transmit them.

Without a doubt, common sense, improvisation, dedication and, of course, the love that we offer them, are essential tools in the formation of our children; and they cannot be bought even with all the gold in the world ...

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