Child actors, rich and famous

Child actors, rich and famous

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The desire to become famous, to create an economic and work alternative, or simply to make a dream come true of their own or of their parents who want to take advantage of their artistic gifts, is causing more children to grow up on the stages of theaters, movies, dance and singing contests, television series, novels, and commercials.

There are children who from their earliest childhood are known throughout the world. Your appearance in a movie, series or television show triggers your fame and your checking account. So much so that even Forbes magazine has made lists of the richest child actors in Hollywood on occasion.

Among them names such as Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who gave life to Harry Potter who earned 13 million dollars, Abigail breslin, better known as 'Little My Sunshine', who with only 10 years obtained 1.5 million dollars for her participation in the film o Jaden Smith with a net worth of 8 million dollars.

There are many millions for children so young that they grow up on film and television sets and who, many times, live their childhood in the world of adults, in environments with few values ​​and faced with envy and competitiveness at ages in which they are not prepared for so many obstacles.

It is not an easy world and he comes out of it reinforced, like some actors who continue their adult careers, forgetting cinema forever and denying it or as 'broken toys'.

The legislation for child actors is different in each country, but they try to regulate the working hours of these children and make sure that they receive the studies according to their age. The administrations monitor compliance with the rules and do not usually tolerate abuses.

In the world of cinema there are many situations related to child actors. Producers and casting directors defend that children who choose this path should like what they do and have fun in good conditions.

Some parents dream of their children being movie stars and they fight through thick and thin to achieve it, even forgetting their children's preferences and even falling into exploitation. Meanwhile, others just try to fulfill their children's dream and take the utmost care that they do not suffer in the process.

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