7 foods you should never give your child if you want him to sleep

7 foods you should never give your child if you want him to sleep

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There are more and more children with insomnia. They go to bed later and have more trouble sleeping. The main cause is stress and the intense activity they are subjected to during the day, but above all, because of what they do at the last minute, just before sleeping.

Among the causes of insomnia in children, there are also the foods they eat during dinner. Do you want to know what to avoid at night to help them sleep well?

1. The caffeine. Many parents may be surprised. Caffeine? My son doesn't drink tea or coffee at night! But many children drink caffeinated sodas with dinner. Obviously, they will have more trouble falling asleep.

2. The cheese. Not all dairy is harmful at night. Yogurt, for example, is well digested. Also warm milk. This is not the case with cheese. Why? Cheese has a component, tyramine (an amino acid), capable of causing insomnia, since it is a powerful activator of the brain. Try to avoid the handy cheese pizza at night.

3. Sausages. In reality, all processed meats make digestion difficult, due to their high fat and protein content. Digestion is slow and heavy. For this reason, cold cuts such as chorizo, salami or sausages, should be avoided during dinner.

4. Dark chocolate. It has wonderful benefits, including its powerful antioxidants and a fantastic supply of phenylethylamine to increase our feeling of 'happiness'. However, it should be avoided at night, and many people take it just before going to sleep. The reason? Its contribution of tyrosine, a substance that can be transformed into dopamine, a great neuronal activator.

5. Products made with tomato and citrus fruits. In this case, foods that include tomatoes and citrus fruits carry large doses of acidity that can cause heartburn. This makes digestion difficult and sleep time more difficult.

6. Spicy foods. All foods that include chili or pepper in excess (including sauces), can cause stomach problems, especially in children.

7. Diuretic foods. Watermelon, celery, aubergines or cucumbers are foods with a large contribution of water. This will cause the child to need to get up to the toilet several times at night.

1. Don't let him watch TV until very late

2. Avoid playing with video consoles and tablets, as it activates the brain.

3. Do not give them foods that make digestion difficult or those that make them feel thirsty.

4. During dinner, choose to include vegetables (like spinach), white meat, fish, and dairy like yogurt. Nuts are also good against insomnia (especially nuts), as well as fruits that provide melatonin, such as cherries, bananas or strawberries.

5. Carbohydrates, Pumpkin, like potatoes, rice or pasta, facilitate sleep, as long as they are taken in moderation.

6. A warm bath before sleeping favors sleep.

7. Customs to sleep on the left side. It facilitates blood circulation and is good for oxygenating the brain. This pose also benefits digestion.

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