Practice material detachment with children at Easter

Practice material detachment with children at Easter

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Most of us love to go to the beach, take a trip to the mountains or spend a few days in a rural setting. They are activities that we usually do when we have a few days of vacation, some savings and want to get out of the routine. Easter is an ideal time for this, so these days thousands of trips are made.

In we would like propose other types of activities: those of detachment from the material. You ask yourself: what does that mean? We explain it to you ...

If we take a look at our children's room we will realize that it is full of toys, dolls and games. They are material things that we buy them and to which they feel attached. However, if we condition our life and that of our children to the material things that we have or would like to have, we are also coveting the happiness of our family. This does not mean that it is not okay for children to have toys, but excessive attachment to material things is not beneficial to anyone.

So how do we ensure that children do not get frustrated by always wanting more and more toys and avoid filling their lives with material things? How to help them get rid of the unnecessary?

1- At the end of each season or on these Easter days we can put, with the help of our children, in a bag those toys and games that are relegated to a corner and to which they do not pay attention. That bag we can take it to associations in charge of sending them to the most disadvantaged children. They will learn that there are other children with other needs, they will value what they have and they will learn to let go of the unnecessary.

2- We can do the same with clothes. Those clothes that are in good condition and no longer fit children, we can take it to places where it is put to good use. It is a great way to promote solidarity and commitment in our children.

3- Teach children to play with other toys that are not always those that we pay with money. We can make recycling toys at home using such mundane items as toilet paper rolls, egg cups. In the end, they will have the reward and satisfaction of playing with something that they have created themselves and they will also be empowering their creativity and imagination.

4- Say no. I know many children of 3, 4 or 5 years old who have a game console, tablet and any other technological element that is in fashion. Do you really need them? We can say no when they ask for them and put in their place other games and toys more suitable for them, from those that take place outdoors to the classic board games of a lifetime. In the same order is any trinket, toy or small thing that the child insists on having and the parents buy for not listening. It's okay to say no, we also educate them when we limit these whims.

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