Amazing photo of the power of breast milk to heal the baby

Amazing photo of the power of breast milk to heal the baby

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Mallory Smothers is a mom from Arkansas (United States) who posted on Facebook a photo of two bags of breast milk that had been expressed on consecutive days that has gone viral. It happened that that night her daughter began to have snot and a lot of coughing.

For this mom, the photo is a test how the milk adapted to your baby's needs at the time, that is, to help him fight a cold. This makes us reflect on the power of breast milk.

Mallory commented on her Facebook wall that she had expressed milk on consecutive days, however, on the second day her baby woke up with a cold, had a lot of snot and a lot of cough. When he compared both bags of milk, his surprise was enormous. The one extracted on the second day was denser and yellowish. It had a color similar to colostrum, which is rich in leukocytes and high levels of immunoglobulins and lactoferrin, that is, it is rich in antibodies.

She recalled an article she had read in 2013 in a scientific journal entitled 'Infections in children stimulate a rapid white blood cell response thanks to breast milk' that explained that breast milk protected babies against infections. At that moment he realized that her milk had adapted to the needs of her baby in order to fight the cold. Mallory posted the images and her reflection on Facebook and they have already been around the world.

The article that Mallory had read was based on a study that explained how colostrum has a large amount of antibodies, and these are reduced in the first and second week after birth, maintaining stable levels. However, when the mother or baby is infected with a virus, the level increases by up to 94%. After infection, the values ​​are restored. The results suggested that breast milk varies according to the baby's needs.

That breast milk is good for the baby is an undeniable fact, so much so that the WHO itself recommends feeding exclusively with breast milk up to 6 months and complementary until 2 years. Pediatricians and midwives already explain it to moms: breast milk not only contains all the nutrients necessary for the baby's development, but also, has very beneficial properties for the baby, and it is capable of protecting the baby against allergies, colds, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, diarrhea or asthma.

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