I count to learn the letters. The party of the vowels

I count to learn the letters. The party of the vowels

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If you need help to teach vowels to your children, don't miss this magnificent short story for children that brings you. They are sure to learn them quickly.

Memorizing the order of letters, how they are written and how they are pronounced is a challenge for children, so a good educational story like this will make things easier for them.

At a presentation party, the 'to'I exclaim: ah, all my friends are coming!

Wearing a beautiful dress the 'e' made her entrance: hey, I'm here.

Then the iHere I am! Ready to dance with all of you.

After a few minutes the 'o' came and said: oh, what a lot of people!

The party took heat and the vowels dispersed throughout the room. Then came the 'or'and exclaimed:

Excuse me friends, here I come, to unite you all again!

Immediately the vowels formed a line and all spoke their names in a loud and resounding voice: a e i o u. Seeing that all the friends were already present, the vocalists began to dance happily all night.


The Feast of the Vowels is a story by Manuel Ibarra

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