3 very short plays to encourage children's autonomy

3 very short plays to encourage children's autonomy

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The plays are an excellent pastime to do with your family, with your children, or at school, with your students. In addition to a great tool to show a value or a teaching to the little ones. On our site we have prepared nothing less than 3 funny very short plays to try to promote the autonomy of boys and girls. Do not stop reading the scripts, because they are sure to become the children's favorites.

Although it may not seem like that of getting dressed, going to the bathroom, brushing teeth or picking up toys and doing everything by themselves has its that. And it is that boys and girls want to learn to do things for themselves, however, when these things become a daily routine, laziness and the desire to 'make an appearance'mom or dad better do it to me'.

On our site we have the solution, interpret at home or at school the 3 plays that we share with you here And you will see that autonomy begins to be simple and fun for them.

Below you can read the script for each of them. Remember that you can adapt the stories according to the number of children who are going to participate and their ages. Have fun and learn!

This short play tells the story of a little boy named Mateo who learned to put his socks on by himself when he was just a baby. It turns out that our friend Mateo was very lazy and also very resourcefulSo, since she never wanted to put her socks on, she made her parents believe that she had forgotten how to do it. What do you think will happen? Let's find out!

Characters: Mateo, his mom and dad.

Place where the action takes place: a house.

The curtain rises. Mateo is seen in his room just before he has to leave for school. He is seen speaking to himself.

Matthew: What laziness! I don't feel like putting on my socks, or my shoes ... (He paces the room thoughtfully). I know what I can do! I will make mom and dad believe that I can't just wear socks or shoes. (He takes his shoes and goes to the kitchen where his parents are making breakfast).

Father: Hi, son, haven't you got dressed yet?

Matthew: It's just that I have a hard time putting on my socks.

Mother: You've tried? If you knew how to do it before.

Matthew: (She makes a sad face) It's that it costs me a lot.

Father: It's okay, I'll do it for you.

Matthew: (He makes a happy face because he has achieved his goal).

In the next scene, Mateo is at a friend's house. To be able to play on the carpet, he has to put on some socks to walk around the house.

Matthew: (grabs his socks and puts them on) I'm done! Let's play.

Mother: (makes a 'I got you' face) Didn't you say you didn't know how to put on your shoes?

Matthew: (He blushes because they have discovered his lie) I'm sorry, I shouldn't have lied, there are times when I am lazy to do things.

Mother: We know it, but you have to be responsible for your things and only ask for help when you really need it. (She kisses her son and he goes to play with his friend).

In this play, the teachers of a school organize an outing to the farm for the children to have fun and also learn to do things on their own, such as getting dressed, making the bed or brushing their teeth.

Place where the action takes place: a home or a school.

Characters: Almudena in the role of teacher, Alba, Lucas, Carlota and Andrés. It can be adapted to include the more children the better.

Almudena: Guys, it's time to get on the bus, say goodbye to dads. We will be back tomorrow at lunchtime.

Sunrise: What a thrill!

Luke: I am happy but also a little nervous. We will have to do things ourselves.

Almudena: (He is next to the children) Don't worry, you will see that it is not so difficult.

The children and teachers come to the farm ready to have a great time.

Carlota: (Opens her suitcase) I'm going to order my clothes!

Andrew: I'm going to brush my teeth and put on my boots to go out into the field.

Sunrise: I'm almost there, I only have to tie my shoelaces but I don't know how to do it well, they always come undone!

Luke: It's okay, I'll help you.

Almudena: You see guys, why is it not so difficult to do these things? Also, you can always ask for help like Alba just did.

Carlota: You are right, what happens is that there are times when we think that we cannot do it well and in the end we get nervous.

Andrew: It happens to me too, especially when I have to put on my pajamas and I'm super tired.

Almudena: I understand you, the same thing happened to me when I was little, that's why a trip to the farm helps a lot, it's fun and you have the opportunity to do things like the grown-ups.

The friends are going to do the activities on the farm. They leave the scene.

There was a very, very messy girl who loved to dance and listen to music. Her parents always told her to pick up the toys, put on her pajamas, put her books away, but she always said no. 'One day this house is going to look like a jungle,' his mother once told him. So it was...

Characters: Marta and her parents.

Place where the work takes place: a house.

The curtain opens and Marta is seen dancing and singing.

Martha: I love this song! (Turns up the radio) I would spend the whole day dancing and do nothing else.

Marta's mother enters the scene and lowers the volume on the radio.

Mother: How well you dance! Don't you think it's time to pick up the stuffed animals? You will stumble ...

Martha: Not!

Mother: Did you wash your hands? It's almost time for dinner ...

Martha: Not!

Mother: And what are all those stories lying there doing? Don't you keep them?

Martha: Not!

Marta's father appears on the scene.

Father: Time to put on your pajamas.

Martha: Not!

Father: Have you brushed your hair?

Martha: Not!

Mother: (Kisses her daughter) One day this house is going to look like a jungle.

The parents leave the room.

Martha: They are finally gone. (Raises the volume on the radio again but this time the sound of a monkey is heard, Marta makes a surprised face) How strange! You better change the station. (This time the roar of a lion is heard) I will try again. (A parrot, a tiger, a leopard ... Every time Marta plays the radio, a sound is heard as if it were a jungle).

Martha: (With scared face) Let's see if Mom was right and my house is going to turn into a jungle. I'd better pick up the toys and books, and take a shower, brush my teeth too, and put on my pajamas. After a while Marta goes down to dinner with her parents who are surprised to see everything she has done.

Father: Very good Marta, I am proud of you.

Martha: Thank you! It is better to do things, or do you want to live in a jungle?

End of the short plays for the children to learn to work on autonomy and gain self-confidence. Did you like them?

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