13 essential ethical values ​​every mother wants her child to learn

13 essential ethical values ​​every mother wants her child to learn

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Which are the ethical values ​​you want your children to learn in his infancy? This is a question that I have asked myself on several occasions. And it is that, after all, education in values ​​is essential since it helps children to learn to live in society, helps them feel better, shows them how to behave in certain situations ... And, although in the School also instill values ​​in children, it is mainly up to us, the parents, to educate the little ones in values.

How would you define ethical values? It may seem like a simple question but the truth is that it has its that. If we look in the dictionary we see that 'value': 'is a quality or set of qualities for which a person or thing is appreciated or well considered.' That is, a kind of behavior guide that serves to regulate a person's behavior.

And if we look for the word 'ethical' we see this other: 'of ethics or related to it.' Or what is the same, the philosophical branch that studies the moral.

We have many years ahead of us to learn the important things in life, however, it is in childhood when boys and girls must incorporate ethical norms and values ​​into their way of being that help them to live with others, to form their personality and cope with ease in childhood and adult life. That is why I have got down to work to write the ethical values ​​that I want my little ones to learn from now on.

There are many values, but for me the essential ones are these.

1. Respect and responsibility
There is one thing that my son, surely yours too, tells me many times: 'Mom, have I behaved well today?' And I, who always take advantage of any circumstance to teach him values, I answer him: 'behaving well or badly is silly, what I want is for you to respect others and be responsible for your things'.

2. Generosity
I want my 7-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter to be generous with each other and I want them to also see that giving (and not just receiving) is something wonderful that brings us true personal growth. You also want this for your children?

3. Tolerance
Tolerance, while respecting everyone. It is the basis to grow as people. How do I try to teach this value to my children? Well, by example and with lifelong phrases like: 'don't treat others as you don't want them to treat you'.

4. Gratitude
I remember when I was 20 years old and working in an office as a receptionist. My boss always used to say that the words 'please' and 'thank you' cost nothing and give a lot in return. It is that same message that I am trying to teach my children today.

5. Honesty
For a small child to be sincere and honest is something that is most complicated for me, and it is that, no matter how much that phrase is said that children never lie, all parents know that in truth they always tell lies with such to achieve what they want. It's fine, but that's not why I'm going to stop trying to make my children see the importance of being honest.

6. Goodness
Kindness is another ethical value that could not be missing from my list of must-sees. I can't think of any other way to teach it to my little ones than by example, and you?

7. Character
I want my children to be honest, sincere, generous and grateful. But I also want them to have character, to fight for what they want, and to have the courage to say 'no' when they don't like something.

If I keep thinking about the values ​​that I want my little ones to learn in their earliest childhood, I can't help but list the following ones that I also propose to you. I am convinced that all of them teach you to be a better person but also to love yourself more. Essential in childhood but also when they are older!

8. Trust
The much-needed trust for children and those of us who are no longer such children is another value that is well worth learning in childhood, don't you think?

9. Courage
It is essential that the little ones learn to have courage, it is something that will be of great help when they have to face different situations throughout their lives.

10. Empathy
Empathy is putting yourself in the place of the other, so to learn this value there is no other way than to put it into practice. Do you join the challenge?

11. Commitment
Commitment is an ethical value that shows responsibility and also that children get older, so perhaps this is going to be the only value that I would like my children to learn as slowly as possible. Surely you as a mother understand me like a charm.

12. Optimism
I want my son and daughter to learn the value of optimism and I also want them to know how to see the good side of things, because only then can they grow up being positive.

13. Happiness
Tell me something, can happiness be defined as an ethical value? Maybe not. However, I am going to include it in this list. Why? You will ask yourself. Well, because I want my children to see from a young age that happiness is one of the most important goals there is and that it is not about reaching the higher the better or having all the things in the world, I rather want them to learn that it is possible be happy appreciating the little things in life that, after all, are the most valuable. Do you also agree with me?

It's your turn, what ethical value would you add to the list? Don't stop sharing it with me!

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