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A dream. Biography in a Martin Luther King tale for children

A dream. Biography in a Martin Luther King tale for children

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Surely your children have heard more than once about Martin Luther KingBut what they may not know is who he really was and why he is still remembered today. Of course, if you start telling your children about their life and work they will not pay much attention to you, that is why in we have prepared the biography of Martin Luther King, for children to learn who he was and what his dreams were.

Do not lose detail that we have also included some reading comprehension exercises.

In the United States, many, many years ago, people lived divided into two distinct groups based on their skin color: white people and black people. It turns out that even though the only difference between the two was color, life was much more complicated for black people than for white people.

For example, those on the 'white' side who worked collecting garbage did get paid for it, while those on the 'black' side had to do so for nothing. Another clear example is that on the bus only those in the first group had the right to sit, while the second, the blacks, could only occupy a seat in the back as long as there was no white person standing.

But this is not the story we are here to tell you today. The story that you are going to know here is about a young black hero that, tired of seeing so many injustices, decided to do something to change things.

What did? For what many wanted and few dared, he became an activist who fought peacefully against racial discrimination in the United StatesIn other words, he began to tell everyone that the fact that there were two sides, the blacks and the whites, was something that did not favor the townspeople at all.

As in addition to being an activist and fighter for civil rights, he also liked to write; He thought maybe it would be a good idea to make a speech so that everyone could read and share it. And what if it was. He called his text 'I have a dream'which, as you may have already realized, in Spanish means' I have a dream'.

What was the dream of our friend Martin Luther King? Well, everyone, no matter what color they were wearing, were treated the same. Justice and freedom were two of the words he repeated the most in his beautiful speech. All he wanted was to fight peacefully against racial segregation and discrimination in his country so that everyone could live happily.

Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize and it became eternal in the soul of millions of people.

Do you think Martin Luther King achieved his goal? Well yes, but he did it many years later and with the help of many other characters who have also been part of American history for claiming equal rights. And, as often happens in stories, there were people who had proposed to make things a bit difficult for our protagonist. That is how this story with a happy ending, but not so much, there were still many things to do, it comes to an end. Did you like it?

To find out if children have understood well what they have been taught in this biography in tale, we suggest that you ask them the following reading comprehension questions. All of them are based on what we have read in this story, so if you do not know some answers, you just have to read it again.

These are short questions that are answered with 'true or false'. In the case of false questions, the correct answer must be noted next to it. You will see how well they know everything!

1. In America everyone could sit on the bus.

2. Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize.

3. Martin Luther King was very bad at writing and writing speeches.

4. One of his goals was for all people to be treated equally.

5. Martin Luther King's most famous speech was called 'I believe in you'.

6. Martin Luther King was a human rights activist.

To reflect a little more on what we have read in this story We suggest that you start a conversation with your children or students from the following questions.

- Why is it important that we all have the same rights?

- What are the things that you would like to see change in your city?

- What does 'justice' and 'freedom' mean to you?

- Martin Luther King communicated his message through speeches, what speech would you make to try to improve the world?

Let's now look at a series of short questions to learn a little more about the life of Martin Luther King, the history of human rights in the United States, and the importance of equality. Feel free to explain it to your children and take a trip to the library to find information in the books.

- What does racial discrimination mean?

- Why was Martin Luther King fighting for human rights?

- What does 'racial gap' mean?

- What other characters throughout history also wanted the same equality as our protagonist?

And colorin colorado this story is over!

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