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March 8, the day of Saint John of God. Names guide for boys

March 8, the day of Saint John of God. Names guide for boys

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What a thrill! You are going to have a baby! From our site we send you all our love and congratulations. There comes a time to take good care of yourself, to prepare everything ... and to think what is your favorite name for boys! On this occasion, we focus on learning more about holy john of god, which is celebrated on March 8. And, as a first clue we tell you that Juan is a beautiful name of Hebrew origin that means 'compassion for Yahweh'.

On March 8, we have a very important message for all grandparents, parents and children named Juan: many congratulations on your saint! This is the day that the saints dedicate to celebrate the day of Saint John of God.

And why March 8 and not any other date on the calendar? In this case, there seemed to be no more days to the calendar of the saints. And it is that this religious man He was born on March 8, 1495, in Portugal, and he also died on March 8, but in 1550 and in Spain.

Saint John of God was a shepherd and a soldier, but he has gone down in history for hisu big heart to help those most in need. Throughout his life, he showed that he always reached out to the sick, offering them the care and comfort they needed in the face of their delicate situation. During a stage of his life, Saint John of God was also a traveling salesman, and it was at that moment that he came into contact with religious literature, which awakened his vocation.

However, he would have to wait a little longer to feel the divine call. It was while listening to a sermon by Saint John of Avila that he decided that he had to dedicate his life to God and to those most in need. So it was. He soon rented a house to be able to receive all the sick people who needed help, what ended up constituting a hospital.

San Juan de Dios is the founder of the Hospitaller Order of San Juan de Dios and, therefore, he is considered the patron of hospitals, nurses and the sick. He is also known by his Portuguese name Sao Joao de Deus, as Juan de los Enfermos or by the nickname Juancho.

Juan is one of the most common names for many generations. That is why there are several saints called John. If you decide to name your child this, you will have to choose one of these dates to celebrate his special day. These are some of the most relevant saints of this name.

  • January 31, Saint John Bosco's Day. Saint John Bosco is one of the most revered, especially on his special day, which is January 31. He was a priest, but also an educator and writer. And it is that he turned his life into educating young people and children in need. He was the founder of the Salesians and María Auxiliadora, who opened schools in Europe and Latin America.
  • June 24, the day of Saint John the Baptist. This may be one of the most repeated dates to congratulate all the children named Juan; this is the day on which the day of San Juan Bautista is celebrated. In addition, this date corresponds to the beginning of summer, which makes the celebrations repeat all over the world. In countries like Spain, for example, it is typical to jump over bonfires and waves just at midnight to attract good luck.
  • December 14, the day of San Juan de la Cruz. However, there are also many homes that celebrate Saint John's Day on December 14. This is the day dedicated to Saint John of the Cross, a religious man and great mystical poet of Spain. His writings have survived to this day with all the emotion and feeling with which they were written in the 16th century.
  • December 27, the day of Saint John the Evangelist. And finally, we talk about Saint John the Evangelist, who some experts point to as the closest apostle to Jesus (although there is still a heated debate on this topic). His saint's day is December 27.

In case you are thinking of using this name to call your baby, you will be very excited to know some of the following curiosities.

1. Variants of Juan's name
Juan is one of the most common names in the world. Its use has been very frequent for decades but, to this day, it is still used very frequently to call children. In fact, it has versions in different languages: Joan, in Catalan; Jon, in Basque; Hans, in German; Iva, in Bosnian; Ian or John, in English; Jean, in French ...

2. Loving nicknames for all Juanes
When it comes to talking about the diminutives of Juan, we cannot mention any shortened form of this name, and it is already a short name in itself. However, some funny and cute nicknames are used to call babies with this name: Juancho, Juanito, Juani ... Juan's feminine form is Juana.

3. Towns of the world called Juan
There are many cities and regions of the world that have a name related to Juan. For example, San Juan is a city in Argentina, but there is also another city in Mexico called San Juan (in the Tlaxcala region). And in the United States and in Costa Rica and in Panama and in Peru ...

4. Famous people with this name
There are many famous historical figures who have borne the name of Juan throughout history, but we are going to meet some of the most important: Johann Strauss, musician from Austria; Juan Gris, Spanish painter; John Lennon, British musician; Juanes, Colombian singer; Sean Penn, American actor ...

5. The surname that comes out of Juan
There are many surnames that come from names like, for example, Fernández de Fernando or González de Gonzalo. Do you know which surname corresponds to Juan? In this case it is Yáñez or Ibáñez.

Numerology extracts some general qualities of different names from the value of the letters that form it. In Juan's case, we have the following distribution: J (1), U (3), A (1), N (5). When adding these values ​​we have 10, which when adding the figures once more, we obtain the number 1, which corresponds to the name of Juan.

According to numerology, babies with the number 1 tend to be born leaders. From a very young age, they get all their friends to pay attention to them and venerate them for their great charisma. They always put a lot of vitality and enthusiasm in each of the projects they undertake, and that almost always leads to success. Luckily, they have the ability to know how to get up when something has not gone well.

Although number 1 children, like Juan, seem very strong and leaning forward, they also need their parents' guidance to grow. Always respecting and taking care of their autonomy, we must teach them to grow with values, cementing our education always in love and respect.

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