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Calendar of the names of March saints

Calendar of the names of March saints

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Since We invite you to choose a saint's name for that baby, who is on the way, among the many names of saints that are celebrated in the month of March. To help you choose a name for your son or daughter, we have prepared this beautiful calendar of the names of saints for each day of the month. So, if you are thinking of getting inspired by the names of saint of the third month of the year, this may be a good idea to follow. Discover the meaning and origin of each of these names for boys and girls.

If you are already thinking about what name to name your baby, you already know the due date and you already know if it will be a boy or a girl, it is possible that this calendar will inspire you to find the name for your baby. Would you put your son the name of the saint of the day? Imagine that it was born on March 15, it would coincide with the name Luisa or Luis. How about calling your little one that?

On each calendar date you will find a saint's name, and now down here we separate them by gender and we will tell you what is the origin and meaning of each of the saint's names.

- Albino
His holy day is celebrated on March 1st because it was the day of his death, in the year 549. He is known for being the holy protector of kidney diseases. He was born in 469 in Vannes, France, to an English noble family that settled in Brittany. He fought and condemned the practice of incest and its burial mound has become a pilgrimage site.

- Charles
Blessed Carlos Bono was Prince of Denmark and later Count of Flanders, he was a defender of justice and the poor, until he was assassinated by soldiers a March 2nd.

- Marine
Marino is not only a name of a saint who celebrates his name day on March 3rd, as it is also a tourist destination that hosts a Formula 1 and Motorcycling Grand Prix. But Marino is also a typical Dublin neighborhood and we find cities with the same name from the US to Ukraine.

- Casimiro
Saint Casimir was the son of the King of Poland. His name day is celebrated on March 4, date of death from tuberculosis in 1484. He is the patron saint of Poland and Lithuania and considered protector against the plague.

- Adrián or Adriano
January 9 is not the only day that the saints dedicate to celebrate the name of Adrián. He March 5th it is also an important day for all families who have a child of this name. This is the date that is celebrated in honor of San Adrián or San Adriano de Caesarea. By the way, did you know that March 5 is also celebrated on the Virgin of Africa day?

- Juan
Saint John of God was a pastor and soldier, but he has gone down in history for his great heart to help those most in need. Celebrate your birthday on the day March 8.

- Victor
Saint Victor is patron of the cathedral of Marseille, of the millers, the sailors and is invoked against lightning and thunder. He March 10th Saint Victor, martyr, a character who was born in Marseille (France) in the second half of the 3rd century, is celebrated. He was a soldier in the Roman army who converted to Christianity.

- Ramiro
Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Ramiro is elegant, original and, in no case, outdated. It is of Germanic origin and means 'the one who is famous'. Celebrate his name day on March 11th, which is the day of San Ramiro.

- Maximilian
Name of Latin origin that means 'the great' or 'the maximum'. Name that has a charismatic personality and great strength of character and self-assurance. Celebrate his holy day on March 12.

- Rodrigo
Rodrigo's name sounds sweet and, at the same time, takes us back to times gone by. There are many children that today are called Rodrigo or Rodri in honor of the saint Rodrigo de Córdoba. This onomastic is celebrated every March 13. Did you know that Rodrigo is a Germanic name that means 'the one who brings glory'?

- Heriberto
This may not be one of the most popular names in use today. However, it can be a good option if you are looking for a name idea for a boy that is original and traditional at the same time. Its saint, in honor of San Heriberto de Colonia, is the March 16This is the day the former archbishop of the German city of Cologne died.

- Savior
Salvador, or Salva, is a beautiful name of Latin origin whose meaning is 'the one who is saved'. His saints are celebrated on March 18th, in honor of San Salvador de Horta, a religious of French origin whose miracles have survived to this day. It is said that this saint made a deaf-mute girl speak, and she did so in several languages!

All the children named Nicolás celebrate their saint's day on December 6, but also the March 21st! This is the day that the saints dedicate to Saint Nicholas of Flüe, one of the patrons of Switzerland. This holy man has gone down in history through his life as an ascetic and hermit, but also through various visions he had over the years.

- Welcome
Welcome is a name for boys that conveys joy and warmth. It is a name of Latin origin that means 'the one who is well received'. He March 22 It is the day on which we celebrate his name day, in memory of Saint Welcome to Scotivoli. This was an Italian saint who tried to propose different reforms to improve the ecclesiastical situation at the time.

- Braulio
If you want a name for a boy that has a lot of strength, Braulio is a great option. It is a name of German origin that means 'shine of the back'. His special day is celebrated on March 26th, in honor of San Braulio de Zaragoza (590-651). This saint was a great intellectual of the time and, in fact, some of his works are very well considered on a historical level.

- Ruperto
He March 27th It is the day that we celebrate Saint Rupert, for Saint Rupert of Salzburg (also known as Saint Rupert of Worms). Bishop, missionary and evangelizer, he re-founded the current Austrian city of Salzburg by revitalizing its salt mines. Did you know that Ruperto is a name of Germanic origin that means 'the glorious one'?

- Sixto
Sixto, of Latin origin and meaning 'sixth', is a hooked name that will sound very original in any child. His saint is celebrated on 28th March. The saints thus recall Pope Sixtus III, the number 44 to head the Catholic Church.

- Eustasio
To find the name of Eustasio in the saints we have to go to March 29, since this is the date of your name day. This curious name means 'planted' or 'fertile' and its saints are celebrated in honor of Saint Eustasio de Luxeüil. This was a French monk who led a contemplative life and who founded a monastery for all those who wanted to find inner peace.

- Zosimus
This is one of those names that are usually considered rare, but not for them are less deserving of a date in the calendar of the names of March saints. It is a name of Greek origin that means 'alive' and that celebrates its saint the March 30th. San Zósimo was a bishop of the Syracuse region (Italy).

- Renato
Renato is a name of Latin origin that means 'the born again'. His saint is the March 31st (The last day of the month!) In honor of San Renato or San Renovato de Mérida, who was an important bishop of this Spanish city.

After reviewing the above list of names for boys who celebrate their saint in March, you may be wondering: where is Saint Patrick !? Effectively! Saint Patrick is March 17 But, given the relevance that this holiday has acquired around the world, it deserves that we expand a little more on the subject.

Let's get to know, first of all, a little more about Saint Patrick. As you may already know, This missionary and preacher is the patron of Ireland. In fact, he is considered the holy man who managed to introduce the Catholic religion in this country, although some evidence has been found that before Saint Patrick was born around the year 400, there were already those who professed Christianity in the area.

It is told of Saint Patrick that he managed to rid his country of a terrible plague of snakes that frightened his neighbors. This saint is usually associated with the three leaf clover, which represents the Holy Trinity. In addition, it is very common for it to be represented with a green jacket.

The holiday of St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in more and more places around the world every March 17. Of course, Irish cities, especially Dublin, are filled with shamrocks and dressed in green and orange (as these are the colors of the country's flag). However, given the migratory movements to the United States, it is also a holiday that is celebrated in large cities in North America. But there are also celebrations in Mexico, Spain, Argentina ...

Watch out! You might find a pixie looking for a pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow, as legend has it.

He March, 19 It is not only the day of Saint Joseph, but also the day on which Father's Day is commemorated in many countries such as Spain, Belgium, Andorra, Bolivia, Croatia, Honduras, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, among others.

José is a masculine name of Hebrew origin that means 'abundance'. A very popular and frequent name, a classic within the preferences of parents for years and even today. It is a name that can form compound names with many others. Children named Jose tend to have a very particular personality, strong, responsible and committed. If you want to know more about this name, CLICK HERE.

- rose
He 6th of March we celebrate a very special day: the day of Santa Rosa de Viterbo. And this is the date on which this saint, from the Italian city of Viterbo, died at the young age of 18. At that time, she was buried without a coffin under a church in her home country and the surprising thing was when, years later, she was unearthed and her body was uncorrupted. Rosa's name is Latin and its meaning refers to the flower.

- Happiness
What better name to call your baby than Happiness! It is a nickname whose origin is Latin and its meaning is evident. He 7 of March It is his saint in honor of Santa Felicidad. This sacred woman suffered together with Saint Perpetual martyrdom for being a Christian. Her tortures, while she was pregnant, were witnessed by all the neighbors as a warning from Rome to all those who dared to profess this religion.

- Francisca
Santa Francesca Romana is the saint of March 9. Born in Rome, she wanted to wear the nun's habit from a very young age, although her parents had another destiny in mind for her: marrying an army commander. This marriage finally took place, although after becoming a widow, Francisca moved to a monastery. Francisca is a name of German origin that means 'the free woman'.

- Matilde
He March 14 It is celebrated on the day of Saint Matilda, who was a queen consort of France. When her husband, the king, died, her son Otto took the crown. This, thinking that his mother was on the side of his brother Enrique, expelled her from the Court. It was then that Santa Matilde retired to a convent to lead a life dedicated to prayer. Did you know that Matilde is a name of German origin that means 'brave warrior'?

- Louise
Luisa is a name also Germanic origin that means 'illustrious warrior'. His holy day is March, 15th and this date is celebrated in honor of Saint Louise de Marillac, founder of the Daughters of Charity.

- Sandra
Santa Sandra or Santa Alejandra (since etymologically both names come from the same root) is celebrated every year on March 20. This day is dedicated to an ancient Christian martyr named Alejandra whose life very little is known. Sandra is a name of Greek origin that means 'the protector'.

- Rebeca
Rebeca is a name for girls that has a lot of class. Its origin is Hebrew and means 'the one with a curl'. All those who have a girl in the family with this name celebrate her saints on 23 of March in honor of Saint Rebecca of Himlaia, a sacred woman of Lebanese origin.

- Katherine
He March 24th It is one of the dates that the saints dedicate to Santa Catalina. This is the day of the name day of Saint Catherine of Sweden, who was the daughter of another holy woman: Saint Bridget. Catherine's name is of Greek origin and means 'pure'.

- Incarnation
The day of the Virgin of the Incarnation is the March 25th and this is the day on which the Incarnation or Annunciation of the Virgin Mary is celebrated. And it is that this date is just 9 months before December 25, Christmas Day, and therefore it would be the moment in which the archangel Gabriel would announce to Mary that she was going to conceive the son of God.

If we are reviewing the important dates that take place each March, we cannot fail to mention the International Women's Day. The day of March 8 is dedicated to celebrating but, above all, to vindicate the role and social position of women.

It is a day to cry out for the real equality of all women and men, to talk about feminism and glass ceilings, to know the true meaning of the word 'conciliation' ... But it is also a day of reflection and recognition, for the role that women play in today's society.

Have you ever thought about choosing your baby's name based on his date of birth? Well, following the calendars of saint names, you could do it. In Spain, many years ago, there was the custom of giving the baby the name of the saint that corresponded to the day of his birth. The parents chose the name with the help of the saints. For this reason, today the names of many grandparents are very unusual to us, such as Encarnación, Welcome or Felicidad. But before, it was very normal.

There are no fixed rules for choosing a baby's name. It is chosen according to the tradition that each family follows, according to the culture or even according to the religion it has. In many countries, until today, there is the custom of putting the first-born, the name of the paternal grandfather. And if it is a girl, the name of the maternal grandmother. That remains a tradition in many families. They believe that it is a way to maintain family ties.

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