Silicone thimbles to clean baby's gums and relieve discomfort

Silicone thimbles to clean baby's gums and relieve discomfort

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More and more objects are coming out to make motherhood easier. In this case, I am going to talk to you about something for your baby when the mouth starts to bother him, and even a few months before. This is my experience as a mother using silicone thimbles to clean baby's gums.

During my pregnancy, a dear friend gave me a silicone thimble. He told me that it was fantastic, that his little one had been great with the itchy gums and that, if he had known it before, he would have used it from 2 months of age, at which time some experts recommend starting to use it.

The silicone thimble was kept in the closet, but at 3 months my little girl began to bite her hands and salivate a lot, something common in babies of that age. However, I noticed that his gums were bothering him a bit, he even had some swollen spots.

Although it is not the age when the teeth come in, it is clear that somehow the gums are constantly changing, preparing for the subsequent eruption of teeth. So, one day I tried to use it and holy remedy! As a personal experience I have to say that my daughter loves it, her mouth is cleaner than ever and it helps a lot with the issue of itchy gums in the teeth.

Oral hygiene in babies seemed non-existent before. Sometimes, some pediatricians would suggest cleaning the baby's mouth with gauze pads in bicarbonate of soda to relieve thrush, but it was more of a home remedy (which works, in my experience), but not a regular mouth hygiene routine of babies.

Currently, we find these silicone thimbles, which have recently been cast on the market, similar to a toothbrush, but with soft silicone bristles that do not damage the gums of babies. In addition, on the reverse of the thimble, it has some protruding points that also serve to massage. If you decide to buy one, it is important that it is made of non-toxic food grade silicone, free of BPA and phthalates.

Use the silicone thimble continuously in our baby's mouth it has many advantages. Do you want to know them?

- The first is that you keep your mouth clean of milk or porridgeIn other words, you really favor oral hygiene of the gums, tongue and cheeks from an early age. It is also very effective against thrush or candidiasis.

- Also, the thimble helps the gums to be stimulatedThanks to the small massage that you can give your baby with the thimble in a very simple way. This helps the gums to prepare for the teeth to come out, in addition to improving inflammation processes.

- Last but not least, create a habit of oral hygiene in your baby through play from an early age. Babies love to play with the thimble. My daughter is great to clean her mouth and I always let her nibble on my finger (with the thimble on) for a little while. He has a great time! And by the time she has to start using the toothbrush, I know it will be a lot easier for her, because she already has a habit of oral hygiene.

It is very easy to use, you just have to put it on your finger and start gently massaging the mouth of your baby with the area of ​​the silicone bristles or with the protruding points that the thimble has on the back. I use the two options interchangeably, because my baby likes both.

The first time you use it, don't try to clean its mouth completely. Let me experiment with it little by little and gently begins to clean the gums, tongue, roof of the mouth, or cheeks. When he's gotten used to the thimble, your baby will allow himself to do all the cleaning. By the way, the thimble is used wet in water (preferably boiled), do not put it dry in your baby's mouth, as you could harm him.

I use it daily, once a day. In this way I favor a hygiene routine in my little one. I usually do this after the bath or at a time when she is calm and awake. For her it is a wonderful moment of play with Mom.

Finally, It is important that you take into account a correct and scrupulous hygiene in its use, especially if your baby is very young. You must sterilize it in boiling water at least once a week and wash it with water after each use. In countries where there is no potable water, such as Mexico, I recommend always washing it with boiled water or bottled water for babies. When you finish washing it, dry it and put it in its case.

Also, before using it, it is important that you do a thorough hand wash. Keep in mind that you will manipulate the thimble to put it on and, in addition, it has holes in its upper part, so the dirt from your hands could be in contact with the inside of its mouth in some way, so your hands have to be thoroughly clean before using the thimble.

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