Cardboard rocket. Children's recycling craft

Cardboard rocket. Children's recycling craft

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If your child likes everything related to space, the Universe, planets, spaceships, aliens, astronauts ... our site has a surprise for him. A very easy and simple craft to make: this beautiful rocket with recycled materials, for your child to build and 'give wings' to their fantasy and imagination.

Manual work is a very interesting activity for children, it develops their motor skills and also their imagination. You can decorate a birthday party with space motifs or hang it from the ceiling of your room.


  • 1 roll of kitchen paper
  • Glue
  • Pieces of red card stock
  • Scissors
  • tips: if you want you can use cardboard of other colors

1. Smear the paper towel roll. Cut a white card the same length as the tube and wrap it with it. If necessary, glue the edges with tape.

2. Make four cuts in the base of the tube, so that it is divided into four equal parts. Each cut should be about 5 cm. long.

3. Draw two 13 cm triangles on the red card. base and 10 cm. high approximately. Make a cut in each triangle, one in the middle of the base and the other at the vertex. Slide the triangles into the cuts so that they fit together and form a base.

4. Cut out a 10 centimeter diameter circle from red construction paper. Mark the diameter with a ruler and cut halfway down the center of the circle. Fold the circle to form a cone, glue it with tape or glue.

5. Place the cone on the top of the rocket, with glue or tape, and fix the base made with the triangles in the same way. Decorate the rocket with stickers and colored markers.

Our rocket is already done !! Now the kids can take to the skies and play at being an astronaut. To enjoy...

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