9 family games to spend quality time at home with the kids

9 family games to spend quality time at home with the kids

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Do you spend as much time as you would like with your children? And, more importantly, do you usually pass quality time with the kids? Sometimes, with work, school, homework, housework, errands, extracurricular ... it is impossible to organize family moments that bring us closer and allow us to enjoy each other. However, through family games that we propose below, you can pose very entertaining times at home in a very simple way.

We chatted with the psychology doctor Silvia Alava about these very simple home games and activities that will help us get closer and know each other better.

We often hear that parents must spend more quality time with children. But what exactly does that expression mean? For Silvia Álava it means 'being present' while we are with our children; enjoy their company and allow them to enjoy ours.

It is about being aware of the time we spend with children and transmitting to them that we are with them, that we listen to them and that we enjoy being together. This translates into having an active participation in the games or activities we are doing, looking at their faces, listening to them and responding to their words ...

That means that we cannot be with the mobile in hand answering messages or checking social networks, nor watching television while we are with the children, nor talking with our partner ... To be and to be alone for them and us.

When we don't get enough time to enjoy ourselves with our children, we have this terrible feeling of missing something. And it is that, when we all spend time together wonderful things happen:

- We strengthen the family bond
When children have a secure attachment relationship, based on solid emotional ties with their family, they feel more secure in themselves, they seek to fulfill their dreams, they are not afraid to satisfy their curiosities and learn ...

And, as explained in 'Training ludic workshop: a strategy to strengthen the quality time of parents with the children of the Gymboree Colina Stimulation Center' (by Hernández, Muñoz and Rodríguez for the Minuto de Dios University Corporation in Colombia), games and activities that make parents and children have to work together to achieve something, are an excellent way to spend quality time and that this serves to reinforce the bonds of children with their families. This, as this study explains to access the bachelor's degree, is beneficial for the little ones, but also for adults, who feel great satisfaction in being able to connect with your children.

- We know our children better (and they know us)
As their children grow, many parents have the feeling that they are becoming strangers. We can take advantage of that quality time that we spend with our children to get to know them more and better.

- We become a close reference
Parents are the first references of children. Therefore, when we spend more time with them, we can transmit those values ​​on which we want to base our family model, we become role models, etc.

- We can foster your skills
By spending more quality time with our children, we can see what their strengths are and what other skills we can help them work.

So let's take a look at some home games and activities that help us make the time we spend with our children of quality and, also, a lot of fun.

1. View family albums
Sometimes it is as simple as taking family albums and viewing them all together. Children will be able to get to know us much better, but they will also remember facts about their past, they will see themselves as children, they will know how things were before they were born ... In addition to being very entertaining, it reinforces the feeling of belonging to the family.

2. The trivia of the family
This simple game consists in that each one has to ask the rest of the family questions about himself. In this way, we promote that we all know each other better and that we feel special when we see the attention that our family members pay us. Where did Mom and Dad meet? What is my best friend's name? What does Mom work for? What was my pet's name? ...

3. Enjoy board games as a family
Parcheesi or ludo, goose, cards or playing cards, checkers, chess ... We have many possibilities to have fun playing board games. In addition, these help children to improve their skills of strategy, reasoning, logic ...

4. Read a story and discuss it
The moment of the story is part of the quality time that we can propose to the children. In addition to reading it together, we can take the opportunity to chat about it. In this way, we will be working on the oral expression of the children and make them reflect.

5. Plant a lentil
Putting a lentil or chickpea in a yogurt container with a cotton ball and taking care of the plant that will soon come out is a very nice shared project. It is the perfect excuse to dedicate some time to daily care and, incidentally, teach children about the cycle of plants.

6. The game of positive messages
This is a very fun home activity that has a direct impact on the family bond and self-esteem of each one of us. Once a week, we spend time writing several nice messages to the different members of the family. Then we hide them all over the house. Throughout the following days, each of us must go looking for them. Every time someone finds one, we get together to read it together. We can place them on a board that we have in a visible place in the house.

7. Make up songs and a choreography
There is nothing more fun than singing and dancing as a family. Well, yes there is, sing and dance your own songs and choreographies. Enjoy it!

8. Try the pencil and paper games
A pencil (or pen) and paper can provide a lot of entertainment for the family: hangman, word searches, pen races, naval battle ... We can think of many games!

9. Create your own creatures
Do you have a pet at home? With this game you can create your own creatures, hilarious! You have to take a sheet of paper and put it vertically. The first participant draws (without the rest of the family seeing) the head of the creature. When finished, the paper is folded, exposing only the end of the neck. Next, the next player draws the creature's shoulders and arms. The paper is folded again and the next player draws the body ... like this, until the creature is complete. Now it only remains to unfold the paper and contemplate your work of art.

What family games do you usually do at home to have fun as a family?

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