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The grumpy beetle. Story for children who are always angry

The grumpy beetle. Story for children who are always angry

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There are children who have bad behavior towards other peers, speak badly to them, are unfriendly, do not share or leave them alone when they least expect it. If your child tends to be angry, fussy, or complacent with other children, it's time to read this children's story: The Grumpy Beetle, a precious story for children who are always angry, they are frustrated.

He was always angry about something and everyone around him knew it. He was a grumpy, unfriendly, rude beetle, and because of this, everyone kept away from him.

One day, a strange thing, he got up in a better mood and wanting to play.

- Are you coming to play with me? - He asked a duck.

"Oh, I can't! I'm staying under the river bridge with my goose friend, I'm in a hurry," replied the duck, jumping into the water.

The beetle looked around and saw a mole.

- Would you like to play with me for a while? She asked him.

- I can't, my friend the mouse is waiting for me, I'm in a hurry, - said the mole, burying himself in the ground without reappearing.

Then he saw a butterfly calmly flying over a garden.

- You want to play with me?

- Sorry, I have arranged to meet the dragonfly and I'm already late - the butterfly replied.

-We play awhile? - He asked annoyed a small toad seeing that everyone avoided playing with him.

The little toad, sorry for what was happening, agreed to play with the beetle.

They scampered through the forest playing hide and seek among the trunks and fallen leaves of the trees, but within minutes ...

- You'll be an ugly, bulging-eyed toad cheater!

The little toad, who hadn't cheated, walked away very sad without understanding anything. All saddened saw it.

The beetle spent three hours searching for the little toad throughout the forest until it realized that it had abandoned the game.

On the way home he heard some animals talking about him:

That beetle is so unfriendly and in such a bad mood that he will always be alone. He alone has asked for it. Poor little frog! He has gone to the pond crying.

That night, for the first time, the beetle could not sleep thinking about its bad behavior. The next day he went to look for the little frog at the pond and asked for forgiveness. When the other animals saw his repentance, they came out of their hiding places and asked him if he wanted to play with them.

The beetle felt so good that from that day on he became kind, cheerful and polite and now he is never alone and has so many friends that he plays around the clock.

If, after reading this story, your child is not able to tell the story with his words, he must gain reading comprehension skills. You can read it again and help him later with these fun exercises.

1. Questions
Let's put your little one's memory to the test with these questions about the story of 'The Grumpy Beetle?

- Who is the protagonist of this story?
- Why didn't the other animals want to play with him?
- What animal finally agreed to play?
- What happened at the end of the story?

2. True or false
Now is the time to know if we are lying to you or not. Of the following statements that we present to you, tell us which one is true and which is false according to the story in the story!

- The beetle was very nice to everyone and always behaved very well.
- Toad agreed to play with beetle.
- The beetle could not sleep due to its bad behavior.
- Sapito apologized to beetle for leaving the game.

3. The story has gone crazy
Can you imagine that the computer goes crazy and changes all the paragraphs of the site? Give him a hand and put the story in order.

- Then he saw a butterfly flying peacefully over a garden.
- The beetle felt so good that, from that day on, it became friendly, cheerful and polite.
- They ran through the forest playing hide and seek among the trunks and fallen leaves of the trees but, after a few minutes ...
- The beetle looked around and saw a mole.

Perhaps your child does not grumble as much as the protagonist of our story, but maybe what happens is that he has a low tolerance for frustration or that he does not know how to control tantrums. For all of them, we have these stories that will help you change your little one's behavior.

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