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Why you should carry your baby at home too

Why you should carry your baby at home too

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For all moms and dads hugging your baby is always a pleasure, but let's face it, you can't hold your baby all day, because we have so many other things to do. There is a great alternative to arms. It is about carrying, a solution based on our own natural biology and traditional baby care systems, and which is usually done outside the home. Did you know why you should carry your baby at home too? It is what is known as indoor porting!

The animals closest to evolving humans, primates, have bearing included in their genetics. Cute babies are attached to the mother from behind or hanging from the torso because they are caught in the mother's hair; that's where our famous Moorish reflex comes from.

In our case, we cannot do it, because we have lost the fur of the skin, but that does not mean that there are no tools for it. In many cultures around the world, moms have naturally created inventions to carry their babies. Generally it is a simple, resistant cloth handkerchief tied at the back, in which the baby is inserted. Babies are carried (carried) on the mother's back or in the front and within the handkerchief itself they can suckle if they need to.

The rise of porting in cultures where it had been lost, such as western ones, has led to the creation of new porting systems based on the traditional ones. In this way, you can take your baby with you everywhere and, something very important, with your hands free!

Thus, the baby feels cuddled and protected, and the mother or father can do tasks that would otherwise be impossible. In addition, carrying offers many other benefits when bringing your baby in direct contact: it improves the affective bond, reduces the discomfort of baby colic, favors breastfeeding, helps psychomotor development and, something very important, improves the quality of the baby's sleep. little. This is explained by the Ergonomic Porteo study, carried out by E.S. López Acuña, porting advisor, and M.A. Salmerón Ruiz, pediatrician at the University Hospital of La Paz, 'the baby will be safer and that will mean that I do not have so many problems falling asleep.

It is important to know the types of porting systems or baby carrier before purchasing one. The main thing you have to know is that they must be ergonomic and certified. Most ergonomic baby carriers are distinguished by allowing the natural curvature of the back in a C-shape, placing the baby in the famous frog pose (with the legs naturally spread and bent above the hips). This posture simulates the posture of the baby in the womb and, according to experts, is the right one to allow a correct development of the baby's bone structure.

The ideal way of carrying is having the baby on the chest, facing you, although most ergonomic carrying systems allow carrying on the back, which can be very useful for carrying, for example, inside the home. It is also important that the baby is in a protective position, that is, with the head and chest always in contact with the body, never looking outwards.

It is also important that you know that baby carriers have to be made of a resistant fabric that allows the baby to be placed point by point. This allows your baby's back and hips not to end up with an incorrect position.

If you want to start in the world of carrying, it is important that you bear in mind that each baby is different. There are babies who adapt quickly to carrying, others who find it more difficult and others who simply are not their thing. The same happens with the carrying systems, it is very common for mothers and fathers to try various carrying systems until they find the one that best suits their baby and themselves. It is even very natural that the mother prefers one method and the father another.

Foulards or scarves
For many moms it is the most comfortable, although it is a bit more difficult to put on than the rest of the carrying systems. There are rigid and elastic (a little easier to place). It is important that if you choose it elastic it is also made of a resistant fabric, which allows point-by-point carry and does not give itself.

Baby carrier t-shirts
Especially many moms this carrying solution saves their lives, especially the first few months. It is very easy to use and even allows skin-to-skin contact.

Baby carriers
There are millions of baby carriers on the market, but it is important that, if you want to buy one, it is ergonomic for your baby's back. They are the easiest to use, because the process of placing your baby in the backpack is quite easy and fast. Some also allow the ease of breastfeeding your baby without removing it from the backpack, although for this they are less functional than scarves or carrying shirts.

It is very likely that the majority of moms and dads who have already entered the world of porting have tried more than once the home porting or indoor porting. And it is that at the same time that you load your baby with all the advantages that carrying has, you add one more, you can move with greater freedom and, therefore, do many more things.

Thus, for many mothers and fathers, carrying is liberating, because they can do household chores, such as sweeping or cleaning the dust, working in front of the computer, walking their babies comfortably around the house, putting them to sleep or even simple things that when you are a mother they turn into a world sometimes, like combing your hair, putting on makeup or waxing.

In addition, for mothers and fathers who have more children, it is even more important, because it allows them to do other activities with their older children, such as playing, bathing the little ones, feeding them, helping them do their homework, organizing a workshop of crafts ...

In some cases, carrying on the back is recommended, such as preparing food with a knife or ironing. However, porting should not be used while cooking hot food, to avoid unwanted accidents.

If you haven't tried it yet, we encourage you to do not leave the carry only for the outside and try inside the house. It is also ideal for all those parents who have very attached babies who just want to be cuddled (that is, most babies). And there is nothing better than being able to provide your baby with his needs, such as the need for closeness and protection, and having a little space to do other things. True?

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